Chromebook & Google Apps Classroom

We are also delighted to offer the Chromebook Classroom Course designed to help you get started on using the device in an educational set-up.

The course will run as a seven part series spread throughout the 2-day summit and will be headed by Google Certified Trainer, Copil Bogdan. 

In this customized learning pathway, we will cover the key functionalities of the Chrome OS so you can maximize the full potential of the Google Apps for Education suite of tools in your Chromebook device and then take a closer look at specific tools/apps/extensions and the best practices on using them to enhance student learning and teacher productivity.

Session 1: Become a Chrome and Chromebook Ninja

So you have a Chromebook, now what?  In this one hour we will cover the key functionality of Chrome and Chromebooks so you can teach and learn efficiently, maximizing the power of Google Apps for Education with just the Chrome OS and your WiFi Connection!

Session 2: Apps & Extensions for Learning

Beyond the core applications in Google Drive, there are literally hundreds of Chrome Apps, Drive Add Ons, and Chrome Extensions that can enhance the learning experience.

Session 3: Google Drive Projects for Learning
  • Paperless research & writing with Docs, Research Tool, Voice Typing & EasyBib Add On.
  • Draw ~ Timelines, Magazine Cover
  • Collaborative Slide Decks (Constructing Knowledge, Facilitating Learning)
Session 4: Tips & Tricks for Productivity & Learning Management 

We will explore a variety of add-ons and extensions for Chrome and Google Drive that can greatly improve our productivity. Do you find yourself in the need of sending mass personalized emails? Do you or your students often get distracted while you use your computers? Are you trying to reach the elusive Inbox 0 stage? Do you find your computer running too slow because of having too many tabs opened at the same time? Do you work with groups of tabs on regular basis and would like to quickly open all of them at the same time? These are just some of the questions for which I will come with simple to use solutions. Some of them can help us as teachers or admin, while some others could even be presented to the students. Beginner, Advanced/Intermediate

Session 5: Forms for Learning, Reflection & Assessment

Google forms are great for surveys but excellent for supporting an engaging learning environment.  Learn how to create and use a form with specific classroom examples which include a self grading quiz using Flubaroo.

Session 6: Making Your Own Videos with WeVideo, SnagIt and Google Draw

Video projects help students plan, organize, collaborate, communicate, analyze. The creation process becomes even more meaningful when students can collaborate in real time. The GAFE platform allows this. Using WeVideo, SnagIt and Google Draw, students can easily create videos. WeVideo is an intuitive cloud-based video editor. Snagit can be used to screencast your desktop or record voice layovers. Using Google Drawings, you can create simple diagrams to be included in your videos.All of these products are seamlessly connected to Google Drive. The session is hands-on - we will go through some case studies, showcasing how videos can be used in the classroom and we will also create our own video during the session. Advanced/Intermediate

Session 7: Hands On / Q&A with your Chromebook & Google Apps Classroom Facilitator

After two days of learning exciting ways to use Google Tools in your Chromebook Classroom you probably need some time to reflect, filter and make a plan or project!

This last session of the Google Summit is a classroom where you can relax and do just that with your Google Facilitator nearby for Q&A and assistance.